Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Sketchcrawl "Find a Moment"

A great cappuccino in hand... now what!

Hummm...what to draw?

...well, maybe I will draw my coffee cup!

Oh, the lady sitting at the table next to us has been sitting very still while she is reading paper. Maybe I could do a cartoon of her leaning on a big coffee cup.

After adding in some palm trees which weren't really there but gave the feeling of rest and relaxation, a huge banana emerged, a french press then a bird.

I replaced the Starbucks logo with 5 BUCK because that is what you usually pay. (I learned that from my friends Dan and Maryanne.)

Starbucks is our little luxury!

A Canadian 5 dollar bill appeared too because after all we are in Canada!

Anyways... when I brought it home my daughter said, "It kind of looks a little like Where's Waldo." So, I snuck in words here and there that depicted "The Coffee Shop Experience." And I called it "Find a Moment" because we all need to find a moment to relax with coffee.

I decided to dedicate this little painting to the gracious manager, Ilja, and her staff at Airdrie Starbucks on Main Street just across from Staples! Thanks so much for making me feel welcome and cared for.

And thanks Cheryl for arranging the Sketchcrawl. It was great to hang out with new friends and art buddies.

I look forward to the next one. Apparently the Sketchcrawl is done about every 3 months.

And Thanks to Kyle,

Karen and all the great staff at Starbucks
in Airdrie at the Dickson Crossings location;

3 Stonegate Drive.

Your thoughtfulness and helpful service has sure made our life easier.

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