Monday, November 2, 2009

Self Learning

I was overjoyed to get some frames from Veronica. It was timely with our coming show on Saturday November 7th.
Of course we got chatting about art and somehow onto the subject of self learning. She loves to read and so learns a lot that way. I love to glean from wherever I can, too. Looking at art, reading about artists and what others say about art; searching the internet or even watching a little painting on the TV. I did take art in high school and correspondence courses but most of what I know has been self taught. When we were homeschooling the children one of the experts said it not so important the method you use or if they follow the grade system exactly but to teach them to be life-long self-learners. That is the key to success in any area of our lives. Education does not end at the steps of high school or university. It is only the beginning. Many successful people are self-taught individuals. To always be learning about your craft is one of life’s greatest joys.
One of the things that I did recently was to sign up for Robert Genn’s newsletter; very inspiring and motivating for me.

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