Thursday, June 3, 2010

Musical Theme

I have never been musical; oh, I tried to take music lessons, sang in a few choirs as a kid etc...etc... but everyone knows in my family that is not my gift. But I do enjoying worshiping God the Father through Jesus Christ and I am closest to Him when I worship with my art accompanied by others providing the music. Whether I am on my own or with friends I just love some good worship music to take me to that place of Creating with God. After all He is The Great Creator!!
The first 2 paintings here were done at a ladies prayer group. The second one was done of one of the gals. God was truly blessed that day as she poured her heart out to Him on the grand and I got to capture it. It is a picture of how God views us when we give ourselves to Him.
The 3rd painting was done over a period of time in my own studio as I worshipped the Lord. I was pondering also, my heritage and thinking of what has been passed down to us from generations past. Were there musical individuals and could that be why some of my children have these gifts of musical abilities? It was done as a prayer also that these talents would be manifested in my children and their children.

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