Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Worship Art with my painting called "Freedom"

I started painting while I worshiped in 2005. I believe in telling God how much He means to me and how I love Him. And one day I was writing our a prayer of praise and thanksgiving in my journal which I had done many times. This day I could not focus and my pen kept slipping to side of the page to doodle a little sketch of a tree or whatever. Getting very upset with myself, I pleaded with the Lord to please help me focus on Him. I heard a voice inside my head say, "Welllll....isn't that the way I made you?" I am like...what? "Aren't you creative and didn't I give you that gift for a reason? Then use that to worship me."

So, I did. I set up a canvas and began to paint. I hadn't painted much before. I was very skilled in drawing and illustrating but I hadn't laid much paint on the canvas. But it was wonderful and God began to speak to me in ways that had never happened before.

I still love to paint in this way.

I put on some music and sing with my paint brush. I feel the closest to my LORD Jesus Christ when I do this. He tells me things. It is hard to explain but I heard someone say once that God talks to you how you listen. I always understand concepts better if I have a picture to look at and so I guess that is why this works for me.

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  1. Hi, Mrs. Harris, Kayleigh here.

    I was so touched when I read this post!! I never thought about art in this way. It CAN be used for worship :)
    This post inspired me to do another drawing!!

    - Kayleigh