Wednesday, August 13, 2014


“ART for a CAUSE”

Fundraising for charities, non-profit organizations and causes has always been on my heart. There is always a need and yet there is always a sense of helplessness when we think of how we can help. ART for a CAUSE is a fundraising tool for Charities, Non-profit organizations or causes. The idea is to rent out art pieces to businesses, offices or individuals for a monthly fee with 50% going to the Cause. The idea came to me from someone else who was doing this for their cause. It combines my 2 passions; Art and Causes. I have donated my artwork to many causes but I have not made money myself. Everyone needs to live so that they can help others so I decided that I can only donate my art if I make a living too.

Vision: Renting art pieces out to the business community in support of the Charity, Non-profit organization or Cause
  • Each Art piece will be an original Acrylic 4' X 4' painting
  • Rental Fee will be 200.00 per painting per month
  • 100.00 to Charity and 100.00 to the Artist Susan Harris
  • The goal is to rent out 20 paintings which would mean 2,000.00 for Charity and 2,000.00 for the Artist.
  • Oppositions to purchase artwork with rental fee going towards purchase.
Current Project:
Kelowna Community Food Bank

if you want to Rent Artwork of Sponsor a project.

For the Cause: They get unique funding & exposure
For the Sponsor: Cause marketing profile
For the Rentals: Cause marketing profile & Unique artwork on their walls

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