Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early Rising

Lately I have been rising very early. During the spring, summer and early fall it was 5 AM and I thought, oh my that was too early. Then the time change came and my body didn't change with it, so, I was not able to sleep past 4 AM. For a few nights it was 3 AM that my inner alarm clock went off. Now it is consistently 2 AM, so I have taken to crawling between the sheets around 7 PM in order to compensate.
I have been trying to use the time wisely at this early hour to pray, meditate, catch up on emails, do laundry, paint or write etc...etc... and sometimes all at the same time. Actually, there are a great many benefits to being up 6 hours before my husband.

One morning, however, I was a little annoyed as I lay there wondering if I could try to snatch a few more ZZZZZZZZZZ's or if I should just let my feet hit the floor and grope for those sleepers. Oh well, I finally decided I might as well get up. Eventually seated on the couch I turned on the computer and opened up my email. There was one of Robert Genn's bi-weekly news articles entitled, "In Praise of Early Rising." Well, I guess I have a condition but I am in good company because there are many greats that had/have it too, including "Picasso." It is nice to know that I am not alone and so I will just embrace it for now (even if it is just for awhile.) I really do get a lot more done getting up early then if I stayed up late.

Paintings in this Post:

Title: "Knit Together in My Mother's Womb"

Medium: Original Acrylic

Size: 24" X 30"

Price: $540.00

Title: "We Must Fly"

Medium: Original Acrylic

Size: 24" X 30"

Price: $600.00

This paintings are copyrighted

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