Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garden Memories

I have been painting a lot of flowers lately with much texture. It just happened one day when I was experimenting with Acrylic paints. I did the background in flat paint by dabbing it with a folded paper towel which is an impressionistic technique. Then I put some gel media or slow-dri medium in my paint. It just wasn't looking right so I keep painting over and over until I got it the way that I liked which made it very textured. Now I have a technique that I been repeating and have gotten some really good responses.

I was pondering why I like to paint flowers so much. As a teen we moved to the beautiful Okanogan Valley from the prairies. I fell in love with the flowers and blossoms that seemed to flourish there. After I got married we moved to the West coast near the Pacific Ocean and I enjoyed even more lush beauty and lovely flowers that seemed to begin blooming near the end of February and last on into the late fall.
When our children were still very young we moved back to the prairies to Alberta. For years I missed the flowers and beauty of British Columbia even though I have fallen in love with the prairies with rocky mountains on the horizon. However, my love for those delicate blooms is still reflected in much of my art as you can see with "Garden Memories."

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