Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have always been captivated by peoples faces. Never will I forget a face even if I forget the name. Faces tell so much about a person:

  • It tells if they are young or old

  • It tells if they are happy or sad

  • It tells if they are fair or dark or darker

  • It tells if they are male or female (usually)

  • It tells if hardship has been their friend

  • It tells... well so many things...

Faces can tell what is in the soul and what is on the mind. I love trying to capture that most of all. The challenge of capturing the likeness it really important but to capture a mood, a feeling, an emotion or the character of the person is very fulfilling.

This is part of a drawing that I did called, "Crisis Pregnancy Blessed Hope." I tried to imagine what it must have been like for Mary in those days when they would have stoned an unmarried woman who was caught pregnant.

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  1. Hey Susan! I (Layne) just found your blog from my little sister Danaka...we're from the XP webchurch incase you don't remember. Anyway, just wanted to comment that I particularly like looking at people's faces when they're in their 70's and up, because their whole outlook on life is revealed in the lines on their faces. You can usually tell at one glance if they've enjoyed life on the way or not...and having been a waitress and dealing with not-always-so-pleasant people, it's nice to be able to tell if they're just having a bad day, of if they're normally like that.

    Anyway, I like to say I'm working on achieving the "good" wrinkles. Faces really do tell quite the story.