Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunny Day Flowers

This little 5 X 7 Acrylic painting looks really cute in a little frame. It is my little impressionistic painting. I enjoyed painting it. It felt like I was painting a sunny day in the garden. How pleasant that would be, sigh. I guess I am longing for spring and summer!
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Bright Pink Flowers

This seems to be my color of choice these days. I had some put in my hair I want to wear it and I have a new purse with these colors. I think it is a happy color that is full of life. What I wish for myself these days as I ponder turning fifty!
These little diddy was done in Acrylic on a 6 X 8 board.
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Happy Flowers on an Oval Canvas

This is 2 different views of a little oval acrylic painting that I did one morning. I have always loved flowers and so in comes naturally to paint them. This painting was done entirely from my own imagination. I like that when that happens.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Happy, Happy Day!

I felt incredible joy when I painted this peice. I painted it to the voices of "The African Children's Choir." As I pondered their little lives and all that they had been through, yet could sing with such joy, it filled my heart with joy too.

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ESTHER More Than Just A Pretty Face

Esther... more than just a pretty face. As a woman I am more then just a pretty face even though it is getting harder to keep the outer beauty as the years add up. I want to be caring, inspiring, helpful, thoughtful, loving, truthful, a good friend and so much more.

I also want see other women for who they really are. The treasures shining through for all to see or barried deep inside them for me to dig for; both are so rewarding to discover.

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