Monday, August 30, 2010

It Has Been an Incredible Summer

I know summer is not officially over yet but it always seems like it is when the end of August comes and we are inundated with back to school commercials. Even though I have no children on their way back to school this year (unless you count my new daughter-in-law on her way back to university) I still get that same feeling that summer is over.
Yes, it has been an interesting summer full of joys, challenges and wonders.
Everything from our son getting married to wonders in the sky. I don't think I will forget this one for a long time.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fooling Around

I just read a news letter from Robert Genn entitled "The Fine Art of Fooling Around." I found it very encouraging because that is what I do most of the time with me Art. And come to think of it, most of what I do in life seems to be in this fashion. I don't really like doing things the normal way or the way most people are doing things; and what is normal anyway?

In the news letter he talks about loosening up, listening to music and getting happy. I can't turned out anything decent unless I do these things. I put on gospel praise music or just worship Jesus Christ in my thoughts and it always turns out so much better then I think it will.

I also work on numerous pieces at once. If I don't know what to do next I just put it aside until I do. I play a lot and don't worry if when I come back to a piece I want to completely paint over it. It doesn't matter because now I have some interesting texture underneath the paint-over. I experiment a lot and sometimes have a hard time remembering what I did to get a certain effect when I want to do it again. Oh ,Well, that is way it goes and now I know it is the fine art of fooling around!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cross Iron Manor B&B

I just hung some art work at my friend's Bed and Breakfast near the Calgary, Alberta, Canada Airport. Click Here to see her website.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have been working on this painting for a long time. I guess I am one of those artists that works on many paintings once. Sometimes I have look at it for awhile to see how I want to finish it. I work a little here and there.

Now, I had a hard time deciding what to name it. Oh my, well, usally I get a name for right away but this time I just couldn't think what I wanted to call it. Naming a painting is kind of like naming a child. As an artist you put so much into you work that it really does feel like your baby. They are special because you put something of yourself into each one.

Anyways back to the name. Well, I could call it something with flowers or garden in it but I have lots of those. I decided to think about how it made me feel and what it was saying to me; what I was trying to say through it. "Rejoice!" That's it!

Rejoice means to be glad; take delight; to rejoice in another's happiness; to make joyful; gladden: a song to rejoice the heart.

And THAT is what I want people to feel when they see this painting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Beauty

Summer is so beautiful this year because of the rain we've had. As I drove to my friends house through the country side I was just amazed at the beauty of the green fields intermingled with the bright yellow ones of canola meeting the brilliant blue sky on the horizon. The grand clouds billowing up were breathe-taking.

We sat around the table visiting and sipping tea. She showed me pictures she had taken of the sky the night before. Hasn't the sky been amazing this summer? We are in awe.

I painted some summer flowers she had placed in a little vase. The first one is called "Joyce's Flowers." The second is called "Boutique of Flowers" because each one of us is like a flower and when we all come together with our various gifts and personalities we form a beautiful boutique. We are better when we are together.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Joyful Moments

Joyful Moments

A new born baby’s smile, An unexpected giggle from a child, A beautiful morning sky, A touch from the one I love, A really good cup of coffee, A random act of kindness, A smile from a stranger, A joke from the sales clerk, A kind word, A bird’s song, A letter from a friend, A card with a grateful note, A soft still voice, A hug from God, A new perspective, A change of scenery, A chance to worship Him, A Special Day with my God!

Apparently this painting is now in the Philippines. I hope they are enjoying Joyful Moments today!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prairie Skies

I am just enthralled with the Prairie Skies this summer. I don't know when I have seen them more breathe-takingly beautiful and unusual. I have really enjoyed painting them too because it seems that I have been painting them in my mind for years as we drive along.