Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Customized Art

Customized Art
I have done many different art pieces and I love to try new ideas and projects.

·         Impressionistic painting: Acrylic
·         Expression art: Acrylic
·         Drawing: pencil, pen & Ink
·         Illustrations: Cartooning, logos, T-shirt design

·         Custom artwork: Paintings, Portraits paintings, Memorial Portraits (of a departed loved one), Murals, Realtor appreciation gifts.1.00 per square inch; 2.00 for larger than 4’
·         Custom Illustrations: T-Shirt designs, illustrations, cartooning $50.00-$300.00

·         Drawings: Portraits, homes, animals, pets etc… $300.00


Custom Drawings

Custom Drawings

I have been drawing since my youth and can draw almost anything. It comes easy to me and I love it.

  • All are done in realistic pencil style
  • Portraits: Children, family, memorial portraits $300.00 per drawing ($100.00 for each extra person)
  • Animals: Pet portraits, wild animals $300.00
  • Other: homes, scenery, flowers, etc… $300.00

Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions

Creativity in the arts comes in many forms. I call them Creative Expressions because I love to express my creativity in many ways. I can not choose just one way. Some of the things I love to do are:

Impressionistic painting: Acrylic
Expression art: Acrylic
Drawing: pencil, pen & Ink
Illustrations: Pen & Ink, Pencil, Water Colors
T-shirt Design
Business Logos


“ART for a CAUSE”

Fundraising for charities, non-profit organizations and causes has always been on my heart. There is always a need and yet there is always a sense of helplessness when we think of how we can help. ART for a CAUSE is a fundraising tool for Charities, Non-profit organizations or causes. The idea is to rent out art pieces to businesses, offices or individuals for a monthly fee with 50% going to the Cause. The idea came to me from someone else who was doing this for their cause. It combines my 2 passions; Art and Causes. I have donated my artwork to many causes but I have not made money myself. Everyone needs to live so that they can help others so I decided that I can only donate my art if I make a living too.

Vision: Renting art pieces out to the business community in support of the Charity, Non-profit organization or Cause
  • Each Art piece will be an original Acrylic 4' X 4' painting
  • Rental Fee will be 200.00 per painting per month
  • 100.00 to Charity and 100.00 to the Artist Susan Harris
  • The goal is to rent out 20 paintings which would mean 2,000.00 for Charity and 2,000.00 for the Artist.
  • Oppositions to purchase artwork with rental fee going towards purchase.
Current Project:
Kelowna Community Food Bank

if you want to Rent Artwork of Sponsor a project.

For the Cause: They get unique funding & exposure
For the Sponsor: Cause marketing profile
For the Rentals: Cause marketing profile & Unique artwork on their walls

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Time

Spring time has always been my favorite time of year. I must have been anxious for it to get here because I painted this at the end of February shortly after I broke both of my elbows and had to be stuck in the condo like a cage animal. Sometimes it is good to focus on what you are looking forward to. It gets you through a difficult time.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Embracing Life's Ups and Downs

Recently, I tripped on the city sidewalk and broke both of my elbows. My immediate thought was I can't move my arms and how am I going to paint now. You know what your passion is when crisis heights and your first thought is how am going to do what I love. Before the Doc operated on my elbows I asked him when can I paint. He said the next day; right after. It would be great theory. I was relieved. Well, I didn't paint to next day but a couple weeks later I gave it a go. And even though my arms were not working exactly as I wanted it was the best therapy; not only for my arms but for my soul.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Meet "SOR" which means "Sun of Righteousness"
He was created a few months ago and has blessed and inspired us to keep going with the realization that God is the "Sun of Righteousness."

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It is a new day!

Every day is new with no mistakes in it, yet. Pulling back the curtain of my day (or your day) may not reveal a beautiful tropical veiw (unless that is where you live or you are on your dream vacation) but each day has beautiful surprises and different points of veiw. On each dawning there are fresh ideas, revelations, concepts and musings that you never thought of before. So, let's see what is new today!